Winter Salt, Grit & Kit

Winter Salt & Grit - spreaders, shovels etc.

Winter Salt, Grit & Kit

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White Deicing Salt
Our white salt is perfect for thawing and deicing those areas where people walk, near to home, offices and other public buildings. Because it is white, it doesn’t leave any marks or residue on carpets and entrances. It is almost entirely pure salt (apart from small quantities of harmless anti-caking agent , added to ensure is doesn’t bind and clump during storage). Because of its purity, it is harmless to the environment and dissolves completely, doesn’t clog up paths, roads or drainage systems, and leaves your property clean and clear, with nothing to sweep up. It is the optimum salt to spread either by hand or using a spreader.

All our salt comes from sustainable sources.

brown salt     Brown Salt
Our pinkish brown rock salt is ideal for both small and large areas. As it is visible, you know exactly which areas you have spread the rock salt. Amazingly effective at de-icing and melting snow, it provides a great alternative to white salt when spreading larger areas or if there is sustained cold periods. It is mined as it comes, apart form the addition of some harmless anti-caking agent which means it stores well and can be used immediately.


We have a full range of Salt / Grit Bins of all sizes – shovels, spreaders etc. give me a call or drop me an email.

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