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Strapping tools and machines

A Strapping Starter Kit is suitable for those situations where palletised loads are strapped daily. The kit comprises Two Industry Standard size reels of 300 Kgs break strength 12mm wide x 1000 metres each black polypropylene strapping, a box (1,000pcs) metal buckles CB4, a floor standing reel holder type SCRE. and a Strap Tensioner
Note: Metal buckles are specified so that the strap strength can be fully utilized.

Method of operation is simple – pass the strap around the carton/pallet and then thread it into the buckle, pulling up the slack strap by hand. Finally, Feed the strap into the tensioner to apply final tension and cut the strap from the reel.

Pallet Strapping Machines are Mobile and Low Cost!
Know as Strap Pokas they enable the strapping of pallets or other unit loads in approximately half the time taken by conventional manual methods of strapping to give an immediate and very significant cost and time saving for the Company, together with health and safety benefits for the employee. They also eliminate the need to take pallets to a central packaging and strapping point saving transit time and wear and tear of FLT’s.

strap poker

This range of pallet strapping machine range are known as Strap Pokas and they can apply up to five straps simultaneously around palletised product in just seconds – they can be a mixture of both vertical and horizontal straps – they can simultaneously apply two straps around two pallets at the same time – even when they are stacked one upon another.

They are low cost – and do not require additional expenditure on conveyors as most of them are mobile and can strap anywhere a pallet is located. They are very simple, with virtually nothing to go wrong and are purpose built to suit a wide variety of applications.

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