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First Aid

First Aid Kits – get the correct size of kit for the job.

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British Standard and HSE Compliant Workplace First Aid Kits



2 Refills are available

Our range of HSE First Aid Kits contain all the required items for workplace first aid kits as set out by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Our kits offer a number of variations to suit your requirements and needs. These include standard HSE kits suitable for most workplaces to comprehensive kits which contain additional content for higher risk environments including catering kits which are specifically for food handling environments.

Included in this range are also travel kits for taking on-the-go, and wall mountable kits which are ideal for ensuring your first aid supplies are in a known, fixed location.

Eye Wash

Eye Wash Stations


Essential first aid point featuring a fully stocked HSE compliant First Aid Kit and Emergency Eyewash Kit with bottle retainer for total stability
Available for 1-10, 11-20 and 21-50 Persons
Photoluminescent bracket headers for easy identification of kits location, even in dark or smokey conditions
Includes a bracket label to identify when a kit has been removed
Unique brackets ensure kits are securely fixed to the wall, simple one handled release mechanism


HypaClens Eyewash Station is designed to hold 2x500ml HypaClens Eyewash bottles and ensures that the eyewash is easily accessible when needed.

The robust design of the station is highly visible and easy to recognise and incorporates clear instructions on how to use correctly eye wash. The integrated mirror is ideal for self-administration of eye wash. HypaClens Eyewash Station is wall mountable. Wall fixings are not supplied. HypaClens Eyewash Station is suitable for any workplace environment with reduce risks. Refills are available to buy separately


Eyewash is an essential first aid supply in any environment where there is a potential risk of injury to the eye, including dust particles or chemical splashes. These hazards can be in working environments, including in laboratories or on construction sites; or in everyday environments, for example during cleaning tasks.

When injury to the eye occurs, it is essential that treatment can begin as soon as possible to reduce the risk of permanent damage to the eye.

Our eyewash range includes products suitable for many different situations. Our selection of eyewash stations are perfect for use in the workplace or in schools. Supported by our eyewash posters and signs they provide a highly visible and permanent location for eyewash equipment, and ensure an effective response in the event of an emergency. Meanwhile, our Cederroth eye wash stations use a unique buffered liquid designed to neutralise the eye’s pH level, eliminating the threat of any strong alkali or acids. In this section you will also find individual eyewash bottles and pods, ideal for re-stocking your first aid supply, as well as drops and ointments for eye treatment.

Vehicle Kits

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BS8599-2 Motor Vehicle First Aid Kits
In 2014 the British Standard Institution (BSI) announced the UK standard for First Aid Kits in Motor Vehicles. This is the first time that the basic safety needs of road traffic accident victims has been addressed, and a first aid kit has been recommended for each and every vehicle on the road. BS8599-2 standard aims to ensure your motor vehicle is stocked with appropriate first aid provision for the type of vehicles and number of passengers.



Burn Kits


Comprehensive Professional burns kits for any environment
Contains a variety of products specifically designed for the treatment of burn injuries
All kits include Water-Jel dressings, the professionals choice to ensure the best treatment for burn injuries
Medium and large kits also include clothing cutters for rapid removal of clothing from the burn site
Used by the majority of fire and ambulance services
Available in 3 different sizes

Ice Packs


Instant cooling therapy
Ideal for emergency use
Quick, easy and mess free way of providing cold treatment
No need to place in the freezer
Quality cold pack activates instantly when squeezed

HypaCool Compact Instant Ice Packs are designed to provide quick and mess free cold therapy treatment in the acute stages of sports injuries and muscle or joint injuries. Instant ice packs are do not need any pre-cooling prior to use as they are activated simply by squeezing the pack. The compact size of HypaCool Compact Instant Ice Packs makes them ideal for adding to a first aid kit or just keeping handy in case of an injury whilst still delivering effective cooling therapy.
Cold therapy is most effective when used immediately after injury and for the first 48 hours. It is used in the first stage of an injury to slow down the blood flowing into an injured area, thereby reducing the swelling.
The Cold Packs are single use only, easily disposable and deliver a cost effective way of providing cold treatment to those in need of first aid. What’s more, they are designed with a special cushioned pad to ensure that there is no painful rubbing when the pack is applied to the injury.

Hot Packs


Instant heat therapy
No need to be heated by external heat source
Simply squeeze the bag and place on injured area for instant heat therapy
Ideal for treatment of muscular aches, joint stiffness, strains and sprains

Our HypaCool Instant Hot Packs provide ideal treatment for muscular aches, joint stiffness and general sprains and strains. They provide instant hot therapy and require no need to be heated by an external heat source. The packs are easy to use and only require the user to squeeze the bag for instant heat therapy. Our hot packs are single use only and are available in singles or packs of 24.

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